Tourist dock Sakadaš

Nature Park Kopački rit is one of the most preserved floodplains in Europe. It is characterized
by its unique biodiversity and exceptional beauty of the landscape, which is constantly
changing with changing seasons, but also influenced by the entry and exit of water. Kopački
Rit provides optimal living conditions and enables survival of many biological species. A tour
of Kopački Rit by waterway along with expert guides is one of the most attractive offerings of
the Park, but the existing dock at Sakadaš Lake is inadequate because it depends on the
current level of flooding and does not provide fast, safe and easy boarding / unloading of
visitors. The project of the construction of the tourist dock Sakadaš in Kopački rit Nature
Park is financed by the funds from the European Structural and Investment Funds, from the
Operational Program “Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020”, Call KK. –
Promotion of sustainable use of natural heritage in national parks and nature parks. The
grant agreement between JUPP Kopački rit, SAFU and the Ministry of Regional Development
and European Funds was signed on October 5th, 2017. The total eligible project costs are
11,014,407.14 kn, of which 85% are financed by the European Union (9,362,246.06 kn), and
15% are Public funds (1,652,161.08 kn) – of which the Environment and Energy Efficency
Fund co-finances up to 981.843,50 kn and the Ministry of Environment and Energy
maximum 670.317,58 kn. The implementation of the project is planned until 2021. This
project will valorise the natural heritage of Kopački rit by building a new infrastructure,
ensuring the development of visitor and educational content and facilitating a simpler, safer
and more regulated approach to one of the most visited attractions of the Park, which is the
driving of tourist boats and small boats. The main objectives of the project are: increase of
the number of visitors educated on natural heritage of Kopački rit Nature Park, construction
and equipping of new visitor infrastructure within the Park, new pontoon system that
adjusts to the water level of the area and ensures better access to visitor amenities in the
Nature Park, also for people with disabilities and increased number of visits. The project will
also finance the purchase of a tourist boat and four solar powered small boats, which will
significantly enhance the experience of the natural values of Kopački rit, due to its quiet
movement and environmental harmlessness . Within the project, educational programs for
pre-school children, elementary and high school students and adult visitors will be conceived
and developed, and a study of visitors management will be developed. Investing in
infrastructure and the development of new educational content will enable a greater
fluctuation of visitors, and the supply of excursion electroplating boat and small boats solar
powered will allow all visitors a completely new experience of flora and fauna in the Nature