Village Kopačevo

The oldest written records on the circumstances in Kopački rit date back to 1212.
One could be forgiven to conclude that not much has changed in the past eight
hundred years or so. People’s living has also not changed much in their attitudes
towards the plant and animal world either. The settlement of Kopačevo is a good
example. It is a fishing village located right next to the flood areas of Kopački rit, half
immersed in water, half based on land, as has been the case since prehistoric times.
As early as 1942, writers described the people of Kopačevo as people who “read
books and order fine seeds”. Given the fact that they were no longer able to engage
in fishing, vegetable growing remained as the only branch of agriculture providing
quality yields. The people of Kopačevo turned into masters of vegetable growing, and
they remain masters of it until the present day.