Naturavita is the largest environmental protection project with “Hrvatske šume d.o.o” as the
lead partner and is one of the largest environmental protection projects in Croatia in
general. It is a strategic project aimed at demining, reconstruction and protection of forests,
forestland and water resources in the project area which is still covered with significant amount of mine suspected areas, which is why it is not possible to adequately manage forests.
The project is fully implemented in the Osijek-Baranja County area and covers forests and
forestland in Natura 2000 and protected areas. The project implementation period is from
June 23, 2015 until September 23, 2023.
At the 6th Session of the Council for Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem, chaired by the Prime
Minister of the Republic of Croatia, Andrej Plenković, MA, contracts for projects in the
following counties were signed: Virovitica-Podravina, Pozega-Slavonia, Brod-Posavina,
Osijek-Baranja and Vukovar-Srijem. The largest of these projects, „Demining, reconstruction
and protection of forests and forestland in the protected and the ecological network Natura
2000 areas in the Danube-Drava region – NATURAVITA“, was signed by the Minister of
Environment and Energy Tomislav Čorić, the Chairman of the Board of “Hrvatske šume”
Krunoslav Jakupčić, the Member of the Board of “Hrvatske šume”  Igor Fazekeš and the
Director of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund Dubravko Ponoš.
By implementing the project, the results will be 597 hectares of forests and forestland
cleared of mines and UXO in the area of Nature Park Kopački rit and 1.937 hectares in the
Mura-Drava Regional Park which will significantly improve protection of forests from fire.
Moreover, the Forest House „Podravlje“ will be reconstructed and the Educational and
Visitor Center „Podravlje“ will be established with 4 educational and recreational paths and
classrooms in nature.
The total value of the project „Demining, reconstruction and protection of forests and
forestland in the protected and the ecological network Natura 2000 areas in the Danube-
Drava region – NATURAVITA“ is 376.8 million HRK. The estimated value of eligible costs is
369.6 million HRK, out of which 85% (314.1 million HRK) are non-refundable funds from the
Cohesion Fund.
The NATURAVITA project will be implemented within the boundaries of the “Hrvatske
šume”– Branch Osijek on the protected Natura 2000 site that includes parts of the Nature
Park “Kopački rit” and the Mura-Drava Regional Park. Much of the project area, as a direct
consequence of the Homeland War, is contaminated with mines and UXO from the
Homeland War, which prevent access and preparation and implementation of a systematic
and long-term sustainable management of this area. Precisely because of this fact, the
demining of this area is a prerequisite for its further sustainable development.
The project partnership consists of 5 partners: “Hrvatske šume”, Ministry of the Interior,
“Hrvatske vode”, Public Institution “Kopački rit Nature Park” and Ministry of Regional
Development and EU Funds.
The NATURAVITA project will be implemented within the framework of the European
Union Operational program Competitiveness and Cohesion for the period 2014-2020, under
the specific objective Demining, restoration and protection of forests and forestland in
protected and Natura 2000 areas, from which 85% of the total budget for project is from the
Cohesion Fund while 15% will be provided through the national co-financing, by project
partners. The project will last for 5 years.