Deer Rut Tour

The Deer Rut season in Kopački rit lasts from the beginning to the end of September. In the Carpathians and elsewhere, it starts somewhat later, in October. During the rut, the stags are very active, loud and continuously roar throughout the forest. By producing this specific sound, they attract a large number of hinds.

Red deer, during this period, do not have time to eat, which results in losing weight. They often confront with other stags in order to conquer more and more hinds.

Kopački rit is an important red deer habitat (lat. Cervus elaphus), where an abundance of food can be found. It is widely known that deer are herbivorous, therefore, in the wetland part of the Park they can feed on water-lilies, pond-lilies and other aquatic plants, whereas in the forest they feed on forest plants or even acorns.

You can find out more about deer and this eco-system by visiting the Park in September during the rut. The program is desirable for smaller groups (max. 10) early in the morning or in the evening after 7 pm. A local guide will take you to the most attractive areas where you will be able to listen or even see deer.

Price: 200,00 kn / person / hour