Interactive Exhibition

The interactive exhibition is located at the Visitors Centre “Mali Sakadaš”, where the rich biodiversity of the Kopački rit floodplain is presented using up-to-date technology: touch screens, sounds, sensors and models of certain species. This is a place where you will learn about important species of the fauna found in the Park, like the Black Stork, the White-tailed Eagle, the Otter, the Pike or the Deer. You can also find out more information about the unique flooding phenomenon, which Kopački rit is famous for. Four wall niches discover the wondrous world of Kopački rit and present the interesting life of insects, fish, plants, amphibians and reptiles. Children can have a lot of fun by playing a virtual game with otters or listening to interesting stories about clouds, bird flights or the formation of flocks.

A visit to the interactive exhibition is included in the price of the entrance ticket, which is 10.00 HRK.

The entrance ticket includes:

  • Visit to the interactive exhibition about the flora and fauna of the Park
  • Walk along the White Water-Lily boardwalk
  • Free parking
  • Free wi-fi
  • Usage of the restrooms
  • Usage of playground