Bird watching/Photo-safari

Kopački rit is one of the most preserved wetlands in Europe having an extraordinary biodiversity. Another value of Kopački rit is the continuous change of the landscape, according to the season and the inflow or outflow of the water. The prevalence of animal species in the area of Kopački rit depends on the water dynamics.

The floods start at the end of February or the beginning of March and last to the end of July or the beginning of August. The dry season lasts from August to February the following year, when most of the birds stay in the fishponds or rivers. The largest number of birds can be seen during the Spring and Autumn migrations, later during Summer.

Although the number of birds in Winter is less than in other seasons, thousands of wild geese and ducks arriving from West Siberia can be observed in the wider area of the Park.

According to the above mentioned, we can proudly say that a large number of bird species have been recorded in Kopački rit. Until today, 300 bird species exist, among which more than 140 nest permanently or temporarily in the Park. The average number of species during one month can be found in the table below:

MONTHS                  1       2       3       4       5       6       7       8       9

No.of species         53     57     73     71     82     64     58     64     51

70%                          37     39     51     49     57     44     40     44     35


According to many research activities, about 70% of the bird species dwelling in a certain area can be observed during one visit. In other words, you can see between 35 and 63 species on a daily basis. The maximum number of species recorded during one whole-day visit was 93.

Different tours can be organized within the Park by boat, on foot or with a terrain vehicle, depending on the season and water level. We would like to highlight some other important facts that present the ornithological value of Kopački rit as follows: the largest nesting area of the White-tailed Eagle in this part of Europe, the largest Cormorant and Grey Heron colony in Croatia and other. There are many other interesting facts hiding in Kopački rit and waiting for you to come and discover them.

Due to all the information mentioned above, we guarantee that you will simply enjoy your stay in this wondrous area and take an unforgettable experience as well as memories with you back home. That is the reason why we have designed such a program for you.

Group size: maximum 10 persons. Duration: minimum one hour (for professionals, at least 3 hours recommended).

The program can be organized all year round but the best period is from April to June or from August to October.

It is necessary to make a reservation in advance in order for us to organize your visit in the best possible way.