Što raditi u parku?
Due to inaccessibility and exposure to floods, the area of around 12,000 hectares has totally been in a natural state, since long ago. Therefore, floods in Kopački rit are a natural phenomenon and last, in average, 99 days per year of which the most of the area is flooded. Wetland areas keep the water from flooding and, in that way, protect the people and their assets. After the Danube Delta, Kopački rit is the second largest natural fish spawning area along the Danube with more than 60 species of fish recorded. The most common species are Carp, Pike, Zander, Wels, Sturgeon and many others. The specific conditions in the Park also create ideal conditions for the development of many plant and animal species. More than 4000 biological species have been recorded until today of which many are rare and endangered.

There are many activities and possibilites in the Park, where all visitors can find and enjoy a piece of unique nature for themselves. Here is a list of programs and tours that we can offer to all our dear visitors:

Tours through the wetland (with large boat, small boat or canoe)


Our „water tours“ are the most desirable tours for visitors. We offer shorter and longer tours through this beautiful wetland for the arriving visitors. Large boat tours are ideal for children, whereas small boat tours and canoe tours are organised for those visitors who look for more adventure. Kopački rit, being the largest „inner delta“ along the Danube, is the perfect place to experience nature's wonders in one place. Such a preserved nature is so rare nowadays that one must experience this kind of nature while it still exists.

Train tour

Train tour

Train tours are organised throughout the year. The train takes the visitors through different parts of the Park, mainly along the wetland. You can experience the Park in a different way, while riding along the dikes, enjoying the landscape and absorbing interesting information from our tourist guides. Even if it is raining or snowing, you can still enjoy the nature in its specific transformations because it is always so beautiful.

Bird watching program in Kopački rit Nature Park


A visit to the Kopački rit Nature Park is an absolute must for bird lovers or ornithologists. This is the floodplain of two great rivers, the Danube and the Drava. Kopački rit is one of four Ramsar wetland sites in Croatia, rich in flora and fauna, and is an important natural heritage site both on the national and European levels. It is especially rich in bird life, with the largest number of nesting sites of the White-Tailed Eagle in this part of Europe, Black Storks, Egrets, Buzzards, Ferruginous Ducks, Sakers, the most numerous colonies of Cormorants and Grey Herons in Croatia. The size of groups of bird watchers is limited to 10 people per guide, and bird watching is strictly by appointment 2-3 days in advance.

Tikveš Castle Complex

Dvorac Tikveš Castle Complex is situated in the northern part of the Park, covered by forest. A rich historical background exists in this part of the Park, mainly connected to the buildings that stand there but also concerning hunting. Visitors can enjoy the specific landscape and peace and quiet found there. It is also possible to spot certain animals that live in the forest like deer, boars, foxes, martens or perhaps squirrels. This is an ideal area for the visitors to relax and listen to the birds singing or feel the scents of nature.

Biking – Rent-a-bike

Three international bike routes pass through Kopački rit Nature Park. These routes are mainly dikes that lead through certain parts of the Park and the visitors can enjoy the different scenery while riding their bike, starting from the beautiful wetland, unique oak forests, and ending at the Danube.



Many nature trails exist in the Park that lead through the forest and part of the wetland. One of the most attractive nature trails is our new boardwalk at the entrance of the Park. During these walks, one can connect with nature and enjoy the scenery in a completely different way. There are shorter and longer trails, therefore, everyone can enjoy a walk through the nature along these trails.

Sport angling

Certain marked angling zones exist in the Park, therefore, visitors who know how to use a rod and the right bait, can angle in the Park. It is necessary to purchase a permit for angling and the angling can start. The fish caught during angling can be taken out of the Park, according to our regulations.