Wild Boar

Wild Boars (Sus scrofa) live in large numbers in the Park. They settle in oak forests during autumn and feed on acorns. In summer they admire the ponds in which they puddle, feed on snails, muscles and other pond animals. Sometimes they can even skillfully catch fish. Apart from food of animal origin, they dig up roots and browse grass.
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 Red Deer

Kopački rit is a habitat of the European Red Deer (Cervus elaphus). There is abundant food for them here, starting from juicy white water-lily roots, rapeseeds, acorns or rorippas, which are green from summer to the beginning of spring and appear after the water withdraws. Stags, hinds and calves, of course, are used to floods. They are excellent swimmers and can even swim across the Danube. During summer, they often stand in the water for hours to protect themselves from mosquitoes and gadflies. However, they are very precautious, even when swimming across smaller waterways.

The period of reproduction or "deer roaring" lasts for one month during September in Kopački rit. In the Carpathians, the reproduction starts somewhat later, in October. During the mating season, the stags, as kings of the forest, express their love by roaring. This love sound is very loud and can be heard from far away. The sound is similar to the bulls and the lions roar. In the mating season, the stags have their own harem containing a few hinds and calves. The stags do not have time to eat, but fights for the hinds are frequent. They lose considerable weight by the end of the mating season.
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 Beech Marten

The Beech Marten (Martes foina) likes rocky areas. That is why it is often found in Dalmatia in karst habitats. The Pine Marten (Martres martes) is more common in the forests of Slavonia and Baranja. However, the Beech Marten does live here, but in smaller numbers, usually in Osijek and in villages like Kopačevo or Vardarac. Buildings and houses have replaced the rocks here, especially attics where Beech Martens like to stay.