Fire Salamander

The Fire Salamander (Salamandra salamandra) belongs to the amphibian family and is related to newts and frogs. The Salamander is a stumpy and slow animal that feeds on different invertebrates. It hunts during the night but can also be seen during rainy days. The Salamander likes forests and hasn’t been seen in the floodplain yet.

The insistent yellow spots warn us that its skin has toxic glands. Nevertheless, the Salamander is a harmless animal but still better not to disturb it.

 Fire-bellied toad

The Fire-bellied toad (Bombina bombina) has beautiful red stripes on the stomach, which is why it was named “fire-bellied”. A large number of these toads live in Kopački rit. It’s a small species that can rarely be seen. However, the whole Park is filled with their jamming sounds during spring when thousands of them can be heard. That is when we can realize how many Fire-bellied toads there are in Kopački rit.

The Yellow-bellied toad (Bombina variegata) has yellow stripes on the stomach and lives in the nearby mountains in Slavonia. This species hasn’t been recorded in Kopački rit yet.